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Launched in 1995, Plant A Row is a national public service program of Garden Communicators International (formerly the Garden Writers Association of America).  Since 1995, over 20 million pounds of produce providing over 80 million meals have been donated by American gardeners. All of this has been achieved without government subsidy or bureaucratic red tape - just people helping people. For more information on the national program, CLICK HERE.

The 2020 Season is Over!
 Although this was a challenging year with COVID-19, volunteers and gardeners decided to go ahead with our collection and distribution for Plant A Row  with some safety modifications. Several of our gardeners planted more because the need for fresh produce was greater. Between June 29 and October 12, PAR collected and distributed 13,087 pounds of produce - far exceeding our goal of 8,000 pounds and smashing our previous record.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered, grew produce, and distributed it!
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Our Plant-A-Row distribution team was at Reiman Gardens every Monday from 7:15 through 8:30 am to collect produce from gardeners at Reiman Gardens. They sort and distribute the produce to 4 food pantries in the area.

Collection for 2020

TTotal amount donated:
Gardeners in the community - 9,864 lbs.
Ames Main Street Farmers' Market - 1,329.7 lbs.
 Reiman Gardens - 1894.2 lbs
Total this year: 13,087 lbs.  - A RECORD!!
This week we distributed produce to MICA Food Pantry, Primary Health Care, Salvation Army, Food At First and Bethesda Food Pantry. We have also contributed to to Ames Community School Food Service for the Grab-and-Go meals they prepare for families to pick up. 
                                                  Updated: Oct. 12, 2020

PAR volunteer, Susan Wolfe (left).

Meet a few of our Dedicated Gardeners

Susan Wolfe












Susan has been volunteering for PAR for several years and has given countless hours to the program for several years. She helps out in all aspects of the program - collecting donated produce from the farmers market vendors and assisting the distribution team on Monday mornings when they are short staffed.  For the past five years, she has also been one of the generous gardens who grows and donates produce to P AR.  She has a few gardens around Ames that she plants specifically for donation; she calls them the Garden Angel Project. One of these gardens is located near the Unity Church of Ames. Susan says this garden has "Guardian Angels" who live next door to the church who helped plant and care for the garden.  Every year, Susan donates between 500 and 1,000 pounds of produce to Plant-A-Row. 


Jim and Jeanne Roth


The Roth family plants a large garden and have been sharing their harvest with PAR for several years - they have donated literally TONS of  vegetables! Last summer they donated 2,788 pound and this year they donated 7255 pounds, which include a truckload of butternut squash!

Roger Ginder


Roger's garden is a testament to the potential bounty a backyard garden in the city  can yield. He grows a wide variety of vegetables and lots of them. Last summer he donated 1,015 pounds to PAR and this year he grew and donated  1,451 pounds!


Many thanks to these gardeners and others who share their produce with us so that we can help feed our community. 

We also want to thank the Reiman Gardens staff for donating the produce grown there with PAR. 


Angel Garden 2.jpg
Roger Ginder in his garden.jpg



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