Thank you!
Plant-A-Row Volunteers
Cari McPartland, Salvation Army
October 20. 2016
Thank you to all of the volunteers for bringing produce out to The Salvation Army. Our customers LOVED it and looked forward each week to being able to pick out fresh items. We received 1,778 pounds this year and the volunteers who brought us these donations were all quite wonderful people.

Thank you again, see you next year!

Cari McPartland, Service Center Administrator
The Salvation Army

August, 2015


Dear Plant-A-Row Volunteers,


The clients at ACCESS have greatly enjoyed being able to have fresh produce in the shelter.  It has provided clients the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills of the different items that Plant-A-Row has supplied to us.  Many clients have asked for cooking advice or recipes that would allow them to incorporate the items into their meals.  This has also allowed our interns an opportunity to interact with the clients by hosting a cooking evening.  The clients are also expanding their horizons by trying some new items that are not as commonly used in recipes, such as the kohlrabi that you provided.  Everyone greatly appreciates the fresh items that Plant-A-Row has provided to ACCESS.  


Thank you!  

Cassandra Kramer

Housing Program | Shelter Advocate

August, 2015

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